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We are proud to offer a unique perspective of expertise and wellness-centered care from a Physical Therapist's point of view.

Pregnancy Prep


If you were going to run a Marathon you would train for it! Let us help you be an informed participant in your birthing experience. 

The most comprehensive workshop covering everything from how to prepare your body for labor, teaching your birth partner how to provide continuous labor support, and post partum recovery. We will teach you the balance between strength and stretching and the evidence behind the WHY. 

Back to Basics: Postpartum 

"The class every new mom should take" 

We will cover all the things no one tells you about postpartum: pee, poop, and sex, how to functionally engage your pelvic floor, and restore your core.

We will also lay the foundation for return to run and lifting progressions! 

Virtual Sessions

Each Pregnancy and postpartum journey is unique to every woman and we believe all mamas should have access to this information

 This virtual session allows me to meet every woman where they are in their particular journey, any where in the country. 

This is a one on one virtual wellness educational session 

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