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As a physical therapist that specializes in orthopedics and women's health I commonly see moms that have been suffering with pain and dysfunction for years after their baby was born. Too often I hear moms say "I wish I knew this before" or "How come no one ever told me this", and most frustrating is when I hear the money and time some moms invest on false promises of weight loss or "bounce back" programs.  I am advocating to change this narrative, because moms deserve better!

Women In Motion Wellness is part of my dream to improve maternal care and the postpartum experience. 

My classes are designed to take you through preparing your body for birth, training your birth partner to be your constant support and advocate as well as everything you need to know postpartum from taking your first poop, pain free sex, and healing your core and pelvic floor! 

I believe all moms regardless of socioeconomic status, or geographical location deserves access to this information. For this reason I offer live one on one virtual sessions and scholarship options for the in person classes. 

If you are intrestred in hosting one of our classes please email us directly, we would love to colaborate! 




Our mission is to educate and empower women and their partners to have a positive birthing and postpartum experience through evidence based educational wellness classes 

  • Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy
  • Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) in Physical Therapy
  • Post Doctorate Training in Pelvic Health (Women's Health Section: APTA)
  • Post Doctorate Training in Obstetrics  (Women's Health Section: APTA)

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  • Women In Motion Wellness
  • Women In Motion Wellness