Back to Basics - Postpartum

"The class every mom should take postpartum"

 Back to Basics is about restoring the 4th Trimester 

This class is for women starting at 4 weeks postpartum and beyond 

[Postpartum is forever,  so its never too late to take this class]

  • Class will begin with a screen of your:

    • Posture

    • Deep Core Activation

    • Diastasis Recti screen

    • This is an active experience where we teach you how to monitor these changes as you progress to your recreational activities

My goal is that you are independent with progressions and limitations through various exercises and fitness programs by understanding your body and your unique experience

  • We then go over the postpartum basics:

    •  Pee, Poop and Sex! 

    • How to properly engage and relax your pelvic floor muscles

    • Understanding how to safely heal your Diastasis Recti

    • Understanding how to manage intra abdominal pressure with functional tasks such as carrying/lifting and strength training

  • Appropriate exercise progressions through different phases specific for you

  • Postural strengthening

  • Cesarean Scar Massage 

  • Evidence Based Resource for returning to run and strength training specific to postpartum women

  • Knowing when things aren't right and the appropriate resources in town


2 hour movement based class 

with Q&A option after class

Class size is limited to allow for plenty of feedback

Special Thanks to our Host sites ACAC and Bend Yoga for supporting our mission to support women and bring awareness to Pelvic Health. 

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