Pregnancy Prep Workshop

Preparation for Delivery

  • This portion of the class is all about physically preparing your body to give birth

  • We will practice and teach you ways to prepare your muscles, soft tissue, and joints to have optimal mobility and flexibility for labor

    • 3rd trimester hip openers, stretches, joint mobility, relaxation and breathing strategies

    • Discuss Perineal Massage, how and when to do it

    • Exercises to help prepare for labor mentally and physically  

Labor & Delivery

  • Stages of Labor, Timing Contractions, and pain coping strategies

  • Labor and Delivery Positions

    • The focus here is training your birth partner to be your continuous labor support "doula" through laboring positions and pain coping strategies 

    • We want to empower your birthing experience regardless of past injuries.

      • We will discuss and practice optimal labor positions for general aches and pains such as:

      • low back pain, SI joint/ coccyx pain, Pubic Symphysis, and Hip pain 

    • Review of Evidence on specific labor and delivery positions

      • how certain positions may decrease the risk of injury to mom and baby 

      • positions to try if labor is not progressing or baby is "stuck"

      • ways to modify labor positions to maximally open up pelvis for moms with and without epidural

  • Push Prep

    • How to pair your breath and pelvic floor muscles for optimal pushing

    • How to properly relax your pelvic floor muscles 

      • In order to ease the babies passage the pelvic floor muscles have to relax as you are pushing

    • Training the birth partner to give mom support and feedback to guide pushing

Restore Postpartum

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist stated in their Committee opinion that

“To optimize postpartum care, anticipatory guidance should begin during pregnancy with development of a postpartum care plan that addresses the transition to parenthood and well-woman care”


  • The basics on pee, poop and sex postpartum!

  • How to properly activate your core and pelvic floor

  • How to begin healing your Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor during the early postpartum phase

  • Special Consideration for C-Section scar management (post clearance from OB)

  • Expert opinion guidelines on return to lifting & running

  • Benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy postpartum

Total Class Time: 3 hours

Registration Price Includes Mom + Birth Partner 

This is a movement based class please wear comfortable clothes. 

All you need is a yoga mat and we will provide the rest 

All classes are taught by: 

Michelle Little PT, DPT, OCS

Doctorate in Physical Therapy 

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Post Doctorate in Obstetrics and Pelvic Health 

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