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Women's Health is not a cookie cutter approach, there is no magic list of exercises that will heal your core! 

However there are general concepts women would greatly benefit from understanding early on to be independent with returning to their regular exercise routine while decreasing the risk of injury. 


Our country is overdue to improve prenatal and postnatal care.

Access to specialty providers and lack of awareness are some of the biggest barriers we face!

My dream is to play a part in filling this gap locally in my community and virtually on a national level. 


The pregnancy and postpartum journey is unique to every woman.

 This virtual session allows me to meet every woman where they are in their particular journey, any where in the country. Whether you are a first time mom, professional athlete that is 4 weeks post partum, or a mom of 5 kids that feels there is no hope to regain strength, I can guide you through the evidence and coach you through being independent with understanding your bodies current limitations and progressions.   


Back to Basics: Postpartum and the Pregnancy Prep Workshop can be adaptable to meet you where you are in your journey! Once you book your virtual consultation you will receive an email to schedule your session.

Your session will include: 

  • 4thTrimester guide or Pregnancy Prep Manual

  • Exercise guidelines pdf.

  • Cesarean Scar Massage pdf.

  • 45 minute one on one virtual session (recorded for you)

  • You will also receive a follow up email with a summary of the session including pictures and videos of the exercises and the appropriate resources to help you on your specific journey! 






This is a wellness consultation:

I am uniquely qualified to guide you through this journey and even though I am a physical therapist this is NOT a physical therapy service, this is a wellness service meant to educate women that have limited access to appropriate resources in their area. 

If you have musculoskeletal dysfunction or pain, you may benefit from physical therapy services.

The American Physical Therapy Association has a FIND A PT option where you can locate a provider with specialties in Women’s Health. 

If you are local to Charlottesville, I am a physical therapist at ACAC: Albemarle Square!

We have worked very hard to create a family friendly environment, with a kid zone available for child care. 

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